Annie Sprinkle's Amazing World of Orgasm

57 minutes.This is the most stunning collection of orgasm wisdom ever created. Annie Sprinkle, ever the sex researcher, reflects upon the incredibly diverse aspects of the orgasm experience.  “I think that the subject of orgasm is really so important because for most people moments of orgasm are probably going to be the most pleasurable experiences of their entire lifetimes.” “Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasm” is offered to inspire your own lovemaking and to delight your senses. We invite you to savor the experience

Dr. Michael Perry describes four categories of orgasm; Carol Queen offers ten tips for having a better orgasm; Betty Dodson talks about three different types of orgasms; and chiropractor Robert Lawrence discusses physiological aspects of orgasm. Kembra describes her phantasmagorical alien sex orgasms; Scarlot Harlot demonstrates how to fake orgasms.

Carolee Schreemann illustrates clitoral and vaginal orgasms; Ray Stubbs discusses orgasm as an energy generating experience; and Wonshé talks about orgasmic childbirth. Kutira speaks about full body expanded orgasm, meditation, and surrender; Joseph Kramer describes Taoist Erotic Massage and the Big Draw; Cléo Dubois and Fakir discuss orgasm in shamanic and ritual space; and Dr. Stuart Block differentiates between erection, ejaculation, orgasm, and climax. Juliet Carr describes Tender Loving Touch and orga-bumps; Andrew Ramer talks about expanded orgasm and post-orgasmic consciousness.

Jwala breathes into a full body energy orgasm; Mistress Cleopatra offers fear-gasms, and Dr. Ray Noonan discusses sex research in space. Karen discusses transsexual orgasm; Laraji demonstrates laugh-gasm; Dominique talks about paying for orgasm; and Barbara Carellas contrasts teachings from the Catholic church about orgasm with teachings from Osho Shree Rajneesh. Frank Moore offers some of his thoughts on orgasm; Eleanor Hamilton discusses Reichian sex therapy, learning to orgasm, and getting older; and Norma Wilcox speaks about death and orgasm.

“Orgasm is the very center of human experience and ultimately determines the happiness of the human race.” — Wilhelm Reich