Linda/Les & Annie— The First Female To Male Transsexual Love Story.

31 minutes. A uniquely funny and at times disturbing docu-drama about Annie Sprinkle’s love relationship with transsexual Les Nichols as he transitions from cis-female to male. We follow Les through hormone treatments and eventual surgery. The ending has Annie Sprinkle trying out his newly constructed penis. Linda/Les & Annie (1989) was the first F2M sex film ever made. It screened in over 100 film festivals.

Director’s Disclaimer: Linda/Les & Annie  was made in 1989 when the language and cultural understanding about trans folk that is now commonplace did not exist or was not widely known. As such, the film incorporates terms and images that are culturally appropriative and/or outdated. I have chosen to present this film, preserved in its original form, as an historical document of the times in which it was made. If I were to make this film today, I would do it very differently. I  hope no one will be offended viewing this uncensored, original version.  Please, enjoy Linda/Les & Annie.  –Annie Sprinkle